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Due Diligence, Intellectual Property, and Investment

It is often said that for every good idea that makes it into the market place as a product, there are a hundred that don't.

This can be due to a multitude of reasons. Here at ATC we have experience of both creating the conditions for investment in ideas to take place, and in assessing investment proposals for high-tech applications where concise assessment of the product, market and strategy is required.

Since every new technical application and proposal is unique, there is no set path to ensure success. ATC provide consultancy to both sides of the investment fence to ensure that chances of success are maximised.

For those interesting in the beginning steps to exploiting your unique knowledge, an introduction to Intellectual Property can be downloaded in Acrobat PDF format below:

Download Intellectual Property (390 KBytes)

For more information about our Due Diligence assessment services, or discuss your ideas, please contact us using the link below:



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