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Project Management

ATC has a long tradition of creating new products from initial concept through to market place (see some examples on our Optical Design pages). With the experience to:

  • Define the scope of a design concept
  • Identify work packages and schedule
  • Cost work packages for labour and materials content
  • Introduce the mechanisms under which the project can be tracked and controlled

A good example of standard Project Management techniques is illustrated below:

This simple chart illustrates the technique of Earned Value project control. The original spend profile for the duration of the project is plotted against a month-by-month cummulative graph of actual spend. In this way deviation from the predicted spend can be assessed and analysed as to cause and effect. With early identification, action to solve problems can be taken before a critical failure of the project occurs.

Blending the financial and commercial management with technical management to ensure customer satisfaction at a profitable margin is our main goal.

Our services do not stop at a single project. We are able to assess your current development and project management capabilities and suggest a concise and cost-effective route to providing an environment that will enable on-going product development and marketing.

If you would like to discuss your project or management requirements, please contact us at the e-mail address below:


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