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Measurement of Light

According to Michelson, light travels at 186,355 miles per second in a vaccuum - pretty fast by any standard. This is perhaps why the measurement of light, and its component colours is often perceived as a problem.

However, this is not the case. Through work in the traffic signal industry, human visual perception, and imaging system assessment, ATC can offer advice, consultancy and facilitate the measurement of light and colour to National Standards, via a close relationship with British Standards Institute, Product Services.

ATC can help you to understand the differences between luminance, illuminance and other optical parameters and make them work in your favour to assess your products. We can also help you to choose the correct equipment to build your own test facility.

ATC has worked with companies such as Peek Traffic Ltd in the traffic light industry to design and development equipment that has then been tested to National Standards and then been fully credited with type approval to be used on British roads.

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