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Traffic signals, lens arrays and Variable Message Signs (VMS)

ATC have designed new traffic lights and Discontinuous Variable Message Signs (VMS)that perform better in sunlight and even designed versions using low power LEDs.

Available from Peek Traffic Ltd in both 50W incandescent lamp and LED form, the traffic signals are approved and sold within Britain, though are designed to meet the European standard EN12368 for traffic signals, under which they have been approved from British Standards Institute testing.

In partnership with Tew Engineering Ltd, ATC have also produced a similar design under licence from the UK Highways Agency for Siemens Traffic Controls. The idea can be taken further and the advantages offered by masked technology and low-power LEDs can be applied to vehicle lighting systems. A prototype light cluster is shown below:

Over many years, we have developed unique bulk-illumination models that enable swift design of lens array systems that can be cost-effectively moulded to produce the products noted here. Our knowledge and use of LEDs also make us well-placed to design and develop new forms of VMS, in any combination of available LED colours to EN12966.

If you would like to discuss your signal design or lens array design needs, please contact us at the e-mail address below:


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